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A high school teacher joins us on scholarship

I am Hermano Nunes, from Brazil, and I am 27 years old. I’m a Biologist (UFPB), with a Masters in Zoology (PUCRS). I heard about the course through the facebook announcements and email newsletter, which left me happy and greatly interested to participate.


Hermano on the boat ride up to the field station – perhaps not quite convinced he’s doing the right thing!

I applied because I wanted improve my experience in tropical rainforests, especially techniques related to different topics, like birds, climbing, telemetry, orientation, etc. I was expecting an intense and significant experience, and that was exactly what I found in the course: very diversified, fun, didactic and unforgettable in every sense.


Hermano holding Oxyrhopus melanogenys, Tschudi’s false coral snake, during a discussion on reptile biology

Furthermore, the course was enriched with special people: the great instructors, students and staff. So I can just finish saying: “gracias”!

Hermano teaches in a highschool in Brazil, and has attended workshops on primatology in the past. He won the Tab Rasmussen Scholarship in 2014 to attend a field course on tropical biology in December.

He has an infectious personality, and we can see why he would be a hit with students anywhere. If we move to Brazil in the future, Hermano is sure to join our team!

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