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PrimatesPeru is Founded

Two hungry primates decide to research tamarin development and reproductive behaviours.

First Field Season

Others join in! We now have 8 research assistants (RA) and 2 principal investigators (PI). We monitor 6 groups in 10 months!

Season 2

We collaborate with Dr Jennifer Rehg from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. We’ve grown to 7 RAs, 3 PIs, 2 species in the study, and 11 groups monitored.

Season 3

We conduct a 4-month long season including parasitology research on the tamarins for the first time.

Season 4

Our biggest field season to date, monitoring 74 tamarins, one emperor tamarin group of which is now famous for being included on the BBC’s Monkey Planet

Season 5

Our largest research team to date joins us in Peru to monitor 13 groups over 4 months, bracketed by field courses on tropical biology and primatology

Field Projects International

We launch FPI, an off-shoot of PrimatesPeru as we consider fresh expansions into a second country – India!

Season 6

Our research team grows to include 4 projects, 21 research assistants, 3 project managers, and 4 PIs. Phew!

Field Projects International

Our admin-team grows by 1 to include a Media and Outreach Specialist (who loves monkeys!)

India – here we come!

We confirm the launch of our new field site, Fringe Ford in Kerala, India

One World Science

We launch a new initiative focusing on socially-conscious science outreach.

Season 7

We incorporate new research foci on tamarin olfaction and begin collecting scent mark samples for mass spectroscopy.

Season 8

One PhD completed, three more graduate students and one finicky portable gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS) instrument join our ranks. We also make plans to expand research to Inkaterra Field Station and Finca Las Piedras to study titi monkeys, pygmy marmosets, and avian blood pathogens!

Bangladesh, Costa Rica, here we come!

New field courses in conservation biology announced in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, and the Sundarbans, Bangladesh

Africa, here we come!

New field course in conservation biology to be held in Uganda

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