Leadership | Field Projects International



Gideon Erkenswick

Ph.D in Biology, FPI Director and Senior Research Scientist

Interests: disease ecology, genetics, primate communities

Meet Gideon.

Mrinalini Watsa

Ph.D in Biological Anthropology, FPI President

Interests: reproductive biology of primates, infant development

Meet Mini.


Timothy Paine

B.S. in Biology, Herpetologist, San Francisco Bay Area Law Enforcement

Interests: reptile and amphibian form and function, ecology, conservation, wildlife education

Amphibios. Meet Tim.

Anjali Malik

M.B.A Strategic Management, Product Partnerships for YouTube at Google

Interests: Science education, market research, experiencing the outdoors

Meet Anjalik.

Julia Maki

Ph.D in Biological Anthropology, Medical Researcher at Washington University in St. Louis

Interests: science education, culture,  anatomy and physiology

Meet Julia.

Shreya Kothaneth

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering – Human Factors and Ergonomics, Senior User Experience Researcher at Google

Interests: Science education, technology, wildlife, wildlife rescue

Meet Shreya.

Patrick Osborne

Ph.D. in Biology, Professor of Ecology at the University of Missouri-St. Louis

Interests: aquatic ecology, conservation, population biology,

Meet Patrick.

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