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Welcome to the research section of our website!  We began as a small group of dedicated biologists interested in tamarin genetics, but have continued to grow each year, expanding our research into new species and fields of biology.  We now operate the largest primate mark and recapture program in Perú, and one of the largest on the continent, which has catapulted us into areas of research such as primate communication, visual and olfactory perception, parasite ecology, dispersal behaviour, territoriality, development and senescence.  The information that follows is a snapshot view of how the project operates from start to finish, with an overview of our research foci and some recent progress.  We invite you to contact us for more information to satisfy a curiosity, inquire about collaborating, or get involved.

  • Section 1: A schematic of our research activity from start to finish, although many tasks span multiple-years
  • Section 2: Progress reports from some of our research programs. (Note: several of our online summaries are still being developed and should be released soon.)
  • Section 3: A few descriptive statistics on the field program as a whole – the team, field seasons, and our study subjects
  • Section 4:  The primates at the Los Amigos Biological Research Station. Click the composite image for a visual description of each species we investigate.


Section 1: Annual Research Pipeline Schematic

pipeline and legend


Section II

Explore visual presentations from several of our ongoing research programs on primate studies at Estación Biológica Río Los Amigos, Peru. Starred programs have been launched online - others soon to come

Section III: A statistical overview of our research programs

Section IV: The Primates. Click the banner to learn more.