Field Notes

brown titi monkey

Monkey Season

By Ben Lybarger * Pictured above: Brown titi monkey (Callicebus brunneus) In the tropics, the seasons can be determined by the amount of rainfall or alternatively, the number of monkeys in your immediate vicinity. While the latter is more of subjective measure, it is quite useful for researchers battling seasonal affective disorder. For these intrepid …

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Reluctant Birds

One of my favourite things about teaching field courses in tropical biology the way we do them at FPI is the sheer variety of activities one partakes in any given day. Just one morning can begin with mist-netting birds, and go on to practicing bird identification, collection of behavioral data from passing primate troupes, finally ending …

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All Poop is Good Poop

Everybody poops, it’s true, but for researchers gathering valuable information from monkey droppings, not everyone’s poop is worth its weight in gold. Basic market forces come into play, even in the jungle where the rarer the primate, the more valuable its feces. Accordingly, missed opportunities in the field, such as one in particular with Callimico …

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The bite count is back!

In 2010, our first major field season took off with a blast. It spanned ten solid months, with research assistants staying with us for up to 5 month-long stretches. It was, in short, an incredible experience. Back then, we also sent out monthly bite counts of the team – it helped us let off some …

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