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Where: The Los Amigos Biological Field Station

Enrollment Opens: 8 am, on June 8, 2015

Normal Cost: $3500

Early Bird Special: $2400

Enrollment Closes: July 20, 2015

Course Itinerary: Download here


Course Description:

A course for intermediate level photographers, this workshop will allow participants to not only enhance their portfolios with unique footage of Amazonian wildlife, but to learn from one of the most experienced natural history filmmakers in the field – Robin Cox.  Gain experience filming a range of wildlife – any number of the 500+ species of birds, 11 primate species, snakes, caiman, turtles, insects, and much more – guided by experienced tropical biologists. Additionally, you will work on a special assignment to practice documentary-style filming of field biologists at work in the Amazon.

The course is organized around several key modules with an overall goal of exposing each student to film making in a variety of contexts in the rainforest. These modules include but are not limited to:

  • Safety and ethics when working with wildlife, and why it is important to know the history and conservation concerns associated with the area.
  • Filming a range of subjects, under conditions that are realistic and challenging, such as:
    • from boats on oxbow lakes (potential subjects: anacondas, bats, hoatzins, giant river otters, and tiger herons),
    • from a 60-m tall canopy tower (potential subjects: oropendolas, spider monkeys, macaws, parrots, and the vast Amazon rainforest),
    • on the 25-km long trail system (subjects: primates, terrestrial mammals such as armadills, tapirs, tayras and maybe even some cats),
    • off the trail system (no-man’s-land).
  • Experience recreating a sound lab to add convincing audio tracks to your film
  • Experience filming with drones
  • The creation of a short documentary film (planned, executed, cut and edited on site), that highlights research conducted at the site by FPI – the best way to practice the complete art of natural history filmmaking.

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  • The cost for the course is $3500.
  • If you are one of the first eight to enroll, beginning at 8 am on June 8th, 2015, you will receive a significantly reduced fee of $2400.
  • First installment: $400, paid to reserve a place in the course
  • Second installment: to be paid within 3 weeks of enrollment or July 20, 2015, whichever is earlier
  • All prices are listed in USD.

The course fee covers the following:

  • An airport pickup on August 6, 2015 in Puerto Maldonado, and a drop-off on August 18th, 2015
  • Accommodation in Puerto Maldonado for one night at the beginning and the end of the course (includes breakfast)
  • Transportation to and from the field station once per participant
  • Lodging and meals at the field station
  • Training and activities related to the course provided by experienced instructors
  • Field equipment to be used in course activities
  • Access to the internet while at the field station, although it is slow and dependent on the weather

The course fee does not cover the following:

  • Travel from your home to Puerto Maldonado in Perú
  • Medical insurance, which is a requirement for the course
  • Food in Puerto Maldonado
  • Costs related to exigent circumstances under which a participant requires an early departure from the field station
  • Medical costs of any kind, for any reason
  • Field boots, headlamp/flashlight and other personal effects required for the course
  • A camera and basic lenses (see the kit list above)
  • University credit for the course

  • The registration fee of $100 is nonrefundable under most circumstances.
  • The single exception is the Early Bird Special – for those who apply within the first 4 days of June 8th, and who do not receive the special rate, we will offer you the option of a full refund on your fee.
  • If you cancel on or before the registration deadline of July 20, 2015, we will refund all course fees paid in full (except for the registration fee of $100).
  • If you cancel your reservation after the registration deadline, you will be refunded 40% of your course fee.
  • Course fees cannot be refunded for cancellations made after August 1, 2015.
  • If we cancel this course due to mitigating reasons, a full refund of all fees paid, including the registration fee, will be made available to all participants.

Course Information
  • Course Id:P-A2015
  • Dates:August 7 -17

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