Alice Poirier | Field Projects International

Alice Poirier

Visiting Research Scientist, Field Course Instructor

Alice spent 5 ½ months at La Estación Biológica Los Amigos (aka CICRA) as a field assistant for Field Projects International during the 2011 field season, and this experience made her realize that there is nothing she wants to work with more but Neotropical primates in their natural habitat. She fell in love with the Amazon and settled in Puerto Maldonado in Southeast Peru. She has worked as a research team leader for the 2012 to 2014 field seasons, both at CICRA and the Concesión de Conservación Rodal Semillero Tahuamanu (CCRST).  Apart from Field Projects International, she has participated in various other projects in the Madre de Dios region with the organizations FaunaForever and WWF. She has recently left the Jungle to enroll in a PhD on primate olfactory communication and behavior at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK, in collaboration with FPI.

Courses Taught

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