Megan Beney | Field Projects International

Megan Beney

Research Assistant, 2015

I graduated in 2013 from Knox College in Galesburg, IL with degrees in both Anthropology/Sociology and Music. As an undergraduate anthropology student, I quickly became interested in the subject of human origins – more specifically, the study of music and language origins. The study of primate communication is one of the greatest windows into this field of research, and as I move toward my graduate studies, I’m looking to gain as much hands-on experience as I can. Through PrimatesPeru, I have the opportunity to study tamarin communication and will learn how this sort of research is conducted and how data is collected in the field. On top of its educational value, I’m excited to have the chance to romp around the Amazon, chasing after tiny primates, meeting new people, and spending part of my summer in an ecologically rich environment.

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