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Sylvia M. de la Parra-Martínez

Field Course Instructor

Sylvia is a Mexican biologist with her Ph.D. from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). She has participated since 2005 in a collaborative research project to evaluate the conservation status of psittacines along the Pacific coast of Mexico. From this opportunity, she discovered not only her great interest in ornithology, but also began her study of a fascinating group of parrots and the tropical dry forest they inhabit.

measuring-the-chicks1Sylvia completed her master’s degree investigating the influence of climatic variability on the synchrony of lilac-crowned parrot reproduction with peak food resource availability in tropical dry forest of Reserva de la Biosfera Chamela-Cuixmala, a beautiful and interesting place on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Sylvia recently finished her Ph.D. research with UNAM’s Institute of Biology, investigating the resource requirements of the threatened military macaw (Ara militaris) along the coast of Jalisco. Her focus is on the ecology and conservation of threatened parrots and neotropical birds. In particular, her research aims to acquire a better understanding of the process of resource selection of habitat, food, and nest-sites by these secondary cavity-nesting, granivorous, canopy-dwelling tropical birds. 

The methodology used while pursuing both her master´s degree and her Ph.D. has been very audacious, largely because she had to climb trees to get to the parrots’ nests.  In addition, she has spent hundreds of hours in the tropical dry forest using point counts, phenology transects, and habitat characterization to obtain information about the ecology of these parrots. Through all these years, Sylvia has demonstrated her enormous interest and dedication to ornithological research and conservation in Mexico, and is a highly committed and conscientious field biologist.



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