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The Green Lab is committed to sustainability and operating with the lowest possible footprint. Our protocols are designed to reduce cost, laboratory waste, particularly of plastics and other consumables, and to reuse materials wherever possible. You can help us to achieve these aims in several ways:

Download our equipment and supplies wishlist. Even if we have a particular item already, having backups are crucial to maintaining operations when items require technical support or repair at a remote location. We update this list frequently.

Take a look at your laboratory and identify items that you possess and may no longer need that are eligible for donation. We are grateful for gently used and functional equipment on our wishlist but will accept other items as well, including certain consumables that require refrigeration. Use the form below to let us know what you have to donate. We will contact you immediately to discuss the details and arrange for a shipment. In-kind donations by the end of 2017 are particularly appreciated.

Make a financial contribution towards the lab. We hope to offer all our services at subsidised costs to researchers and conservationists – every penny helps. 

  • In-kind Donation Form
  • Cash Donation Form



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