Do Research at the Green Lab

If you are interested in working at the Green Lab, we are excited to have you! Lab space is limited so booking early is strongly advised.

How it Works:

Using the Green Lab is easy: 

1. Submit the simple form below.

2. After review, talk with a Green Lab research coordinator to discuss budgetary and logistical details (e.g. which supplies you will bring with you and which you would like provided)

Costs will include the following:

  • One-time nominal project coordinate fee
  • A flat daily rate to live at the IGFS (includes all meals). Rates are scaled according to your professional status (undergraduate, graduate student, post-doc, professor/researcher).
  • A flat rate daily laboratory fee.
  • Associated costs if you wish to hire a lab assistant on site
  • Associated costs if you wish the IGFS lab technicians to conduct procedures for you (either with you being there or in lieu of you being on site)
  • Costs of any reagents you use that you are not bringing with you to the Green Lab.

3. Pack and travel safely to Peru!


Green Lab: Research Interest Form

  • A 300 - 500 word summary would be ideal. If insufficient, a project proposal may be requested in the future.
  • Please give individual species names if possible, or identify your group to the lowest possible taxonomic level.
  • Please give an estimate.
  • Select ALL that apply
  • (as opposed to receiving assistance from Green Lab lab techs)
  • For example, DNA extraction (kit name), PCR, Gel, MinION, PCR/Gel cleanups. Be as detailed as you can be.
  • Do not include days that you intend to spend at the IGFS on which the lab will not be a necessity. i.e. collection days, which should be excluded from this calculation.