Leticia Gutiérrez
Veterinary Scientist


Leti is a wildlife veterinarian with ecological training and One Health experience in USA, Chile, West Africa, and Southeast Asia. She is broadly interested in finding ways to promote ecosystemic health and restore biodiverse environments. The pursuit of these interests brought her around the world, first as a veterinarian in her home country, Chile, then as a Fulbright scholar during her doctorate in biology with emphasis in disease ecology at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and later as a field veterinarian at the EcoHealth Alliance where she oversaw PREDICT-2 wildlife surveillance, human-animal interaction ethnographic surveys, and capacity-building initiatives in West Africa and Southeast Asia. She holds valuable in-country experience working with local communities and stakeholders to implement One Health principles towards biodiversity preservation. Leti is currently working on multiple projects to protect and restore natural areas on the Chilean central coast.