Naija Cuzmar  Veterinary Technician

Naija Cuzmar is a general practice and wildlife veterinary technician. She has a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Spanish and is attending Colorado State’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program in the Fall of 2023. Naija started working with domestic and exotic animals in a veterinary general practice setting and decided to branch out to work with wildlife in South America and South Africa.  

Naija joined the FPI team in 2021 as a research assistant in the primate mark-recapture program, where she was able to learn and practice safe anesthetic and processing protocols for in-situ wildlife. The following year, she was invited back as a team leader for the primate mark-recapture program and helped with the anesthesia for the mammal trapping. This year she will be broadening her knowledge of wildlife and be helping coordinate the bat mark-recapture program. Her interests for wildlife conservation grew the more exposure she had to the animals she worked with and hopes to continue learning more about the field and work as a general practice/ wildlife veterinarian to promote a one-health approach throughout her career.