Announcing: Alwyn Gentry Scholarships for Summer 2015 | Field Projects International


Announcing: Alwyn Gentry Scholarships for Summer 2015

We are excited to reveal the winners of the Alwyn Gentry Scholarship to attend a summer 2015 course for free at the Los Amigos Field Station: Pantea Taheri (from Iran) and Samantha Clinton (from Mexico). Welcome to the team!

All candidates responded to the following 1000-word essay question:

If you had the power to bring back one extinct species, which species would you choose and why?


Pantea Taheri

Pantea received her Bachelor’s degree in biology from the North Tehran branch of Azad University. She has been a core member of the Arya Napat Biodiversity and Genetic Resources Institute since 2009. She was the managing director for a year, where she coordinated floristic projects as well as environmental public awareness activities. Currently, she is a graduate student in biology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio, acquiring a Masters degree. In her essay, Pantea made a strong argument for choosing keystone species in a collapsing environment as ideal species to be revived, thus rescuing the ecosystem in question.

Alwyn Gentry Scholarship Recipient 2015

Alwyn Gentry Scholarship Recipient 2015

Samantha Clinton

Samantha is a student of biology at the UAM University in Mexico City. She has had a passion for nature since a young age, which has led her to be involved in activities such as birdwatching, botany, entomology, ecology and nature sketching. She is especially interested in the study of primates and mammal behaviour. Samantha, in her essay, chose to revive the ground sloths of South America, giant creatures nearly six metres long, of the genus Megatherium.

Alwyn Gentry Scholarship Recipient for 2015

Alwyn Gentry Scholarship Recipient for 2015

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