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Ask Me Anything: Instructors Accepting Questions!

Barack ObamaJerry Seinfelda line cook at Applebee’s, and a guy with two penises walk into a bar.

Actually, no, they would never do that. No venue could bring these people together.

And yet, each of these people has stood before the IamA subcommunity on the social network Reddit, and typed those immortal letters, “AMA.”

Ask. Me. Anything.

 – Alexis C. Madrigal, for The Atlantic, on January 7, 2014, Read the article here.

The phenomeon of Reddit Ask Me Anything (or AMA) threads has no real corollary in a world without the internet. It’s intrinsic appeal lies in the insatiable curiosity we have for others. And the power of the user to literally pose any question to celebrities, nobodys, and even nerds – well, that’s wholly unprecedented. 

This month, our instructors take to the internet to bravely field any questions you might have for them. That’s right, you can literally ask them anything. Discover who they are, ask them every question that’s been bugging you for ages, and enjoy reading their responses to questions from people across the globe. Mark your calendars – this should be fun!



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How does this work and how can you participate?

  • Mark the event on your calendar (at the end of each tab above, there’s a way to simply add it to your calendar)
  • At the start time, or any time thereafter, return to this page to find the link to the reddit page for the AMA session of your choice, or scan for it on the Reddit AMA page
  • Sign up with reddit (small sign up link on the top right of the page), since only people with an account can ask a question. Don’t worry, you can ignore this account later if you don’t ever use it again – you don’t get any emails from Reddit without your explicit permission.
  • Join the session as close to the start time as you can by asking a question. Most instructors will be ready for questions for about 2 hours, before taking a break. If you can’t make this time, post your question anyway. In the next three days or so, they will check their accounts on occasion and respond to your queries!
  • Upvote the good answers, downvote the bad ones (obviously, this is not going to be common with this stellar crew!)
  • Have fun!



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