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In early 2014, as our field course program developed, we at PrimatesPeru realized that our focus was expanding faster than our name truly belied. Already we attract pre-vet students to work on our wildlife handling programs, and our future decidedly holds more than work on just primates, both in Peru and outside. We were missing a crucial aspect of our identity – one that could imply a broader scope of work for the future.

Thus, Field Projects International was born. Through this offshoot from the original organization, we hope to include field courses on a variety of fields of study, and possibly include work in some other parts of the world as well!

So what changes? Almost nothing, really, except our name and our broader goals. We will still continue our research at Los Amigos through PrimatesPeru, while setting our sights on adding a few other field sites to the mix. The future is bright and we are happy to share it with you!

Come and visit – join one of our programs – we’ll see you in the jungle!

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  1. Roxana P Arauco

    Merry Christmas Mini and Gideon!! Big hug from the distance! Well done, I like FPI! 🙂

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