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FPI Endorses March for Science

Field Projects International (FPI) and our One World Science initiative officially endorse the stated purposes of the April 22nd March for Science as an important event to promote and celebrate scientific research, education, accessibility, and inclusiveness.

FPI is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization dedicated tropical biology research and education. Our programs serve a diverse international audience, drawing participants from all backgrounds, races, genders, and cultures. We agree strongly with the March For Science’s stated goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we share their commitment to increasing access to science education and careers in science, as well as enhancing respect for all contributors and stakeholders.

FPI, in our mission to educate the next generation of natural historians and conservationists, also supports the goals of the March for Science to increase the general standing and understanding of science within our public discourse. We believe scientific literacy is fundamental to making informed policy decisions, as well as personal decisions. We share the March For Science’s core value of pursuing evidence-based policies in the public interest, and agree that ignoring scientific evidence “endangers both human life and the future of our world.”

We pledge attend March For Science events and encourage others to attend March For Science rallies across the world on April 22nd. It is crucial at this juncture in history to show solidarity with the diverse communities and disciplines that advance human knowledge, enrich our lives, and safeguard our environment.

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As part of our partnership, you can now order an FPI March for Science shirt directly from their website. 100% of these proceeds go directly to funding the march for Science.

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