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New Field Course: Tropical Entomology

Field Projects International now offers advanced training in the Peruvian Amazon for those interested in insect diversity, form, and ecological function, as well as field techniques that facilitate entomological research and conservation in the tropics. The course covers groups ranging from butterflies to beetles, bees, and aquatic insects, among others. Students will be introduced to an astonishing array of terrestrial and aquatic habitats that shelter a greater diversity of plant and animal species than anywhere else on the planet.

Above all, participants learn by doing: we will spend most of our time studying actual insects in the field, from the tops of towering tropical trees to the bottom of oxbow lakes. Our field activities will be supplemented by selected readings from the primary literature covering topics on theoretical and applied tropical biology and entomology, as well as conservation in the Andes and Amazon regions. Participants will also gain exposure to cutting-edge research in other tropical biology fields at one of the most active biological research stations in the Neotropics.


Where: Located at the intersection of the mega-diverse western Amazon and tropical Andes ecosystems, the rainforests of southeastern Peru shelter more species of plants, insects, and other animals than almost anywhere else on Earth.  Our course will be held at the Los Amigos Biological Station in Southeastern Peru, situated between the Madre de Dios and Los Amigos Rivers on terra firme forest rising above the floodplain. This active field station was established in 2000, and boasts incredible biodiversity of all kinds, including 11 primate species and 595 species of bird.

A few hectares of rainforest in Peru’s Tambopata National Reserve contain as many as 1,300 species of butterflies or more. For comparison, North America—including all of the United States and Canada—has fewer than 800 species.


Course Dates: Dec. 27, 2016 – Jan 8, 2017

Registration: Course size is limited, spots are filled on a rolling basis until November 18th, 2016

Course Fee: $2000 (includes meals, lodging, and transportation from Puerto Maldonado to the field site and back)

Lead Instructor: Geoff Gallice, Ph.D. (University of Florida)

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