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New Photography Workshop



Announcing our new workshop series to be held in the Peruvian Amazon.

Field Projects International is proud to announce our new Conservation Photography Workshops starting this August. These intimate workshops will focus on camera technique and field ethics, as well as understanding the natural history of the wildlife around us. Held at an active research station with extraordinary biodiversity, this is an opportunity for naturalists wanting to become more camera savvy, as well as more knowledgeable shutterbugs wanting to explore and learn about a tropical biology.

As we troubleshoot lighting issues in the rainforest or practice macro photography with invertebrates, we’ll also be learning about the complex ecology of the Amazon Basin and discussing the key issues facing the region. Along the way, you will learn navigation skills (on and off trail), get practice setting camera traps, track and follow primates, seek herpetofauna on night hikes, and climb a 60-meter canopy tower that overlooks the rainforest.

Your instructor, Ishaan Raghunandan, graduated from India’s premier school for professional photography and has also spent several field seasons at the Los Amigos Biological Station in Peru where our workshops are held. During this time he gained intimate knowledge of the landscape, flora, and fauna there. He has not only served as a field manager for our Wildlife Handling program and Disease Ecology research team, but he also has been an instructor for our Tropical Biology and Primatology field courses. Ishaan’s unique background has led to the creation of this very special workshop that highlights the arts and sciences in equal proportion.

You can learn more about the course and Ishaan using the link below:



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