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Primates Peru is now FPI!

It’s the end of an era. Primates Peru has died, long live Field Projects International!

This milestone comes as we officially expand the scope of our operation to include a new field site in the beautiful and biodiverse Western Ghats of India. Along with the name change comes a new logo design that we are incredibly jazzed about. After many agonizing decisions and appeals to friends, fans, and family for feedback, we have decided to use the wonderful designs of Sapto7.

Field Projects International 3-croppedHowever, we also wanted to acknowledge the hard work and talent of some of the other graphic designers who likewise submitted stellar work. You can click on these links to check out the profiles of the finalists in our re-branding contest: carlovillamin, GénesisR, frozen_flame, and Savanamm.

And lastly, we wanted to note that all correspondence sent to our old email addresses will automatically forward to our new organizational addresses that use the domain, so don’t worry about your messages being cast into one of the black holes of cyberspace.

Stay tuned for more exciting news as FPI emerges from the cocoon of Primates Peru!

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