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RAship Program: # of Spaces Left

This is an update on the number of spaces left per program for the Summer 2015 application season as of April 20, 2015.

New application deadline for some programs – limited spaces left – June 30, 2015

If you have an interest in any of these programs, we encourage you to apply now, rather than wait until the application deadline.

Section II: 2015 Assistantship Comparisons

Close Contact with Primates

Wildlife Handling

program closed

  • Program Closed
  • Spots left: None
  • Jan 1, 2016: Program Reopens
  • Interests: Veterinary Science, Wildlife Biology, Animal Health
  • Appeals to Majors: Vertebrate Physiology, Anthropology, Veterinary Science, Zoology
  • Training Areas: Wild primate capture and handling, health assessments, TPR monitoring, morphological measurement

Work with 11 primate species

Disease Ecology

4 spaces left

  • $440/wk
  • $1760 Minimum Cost
  • 4 wk Minimum Stay
  • November 30, 2015 to January 16, 2016
  • No Maximum Stay
  • Application Period Open NOW
  • Rolling Application Deadline upto November 1, 2015
  • Interests: wildlife tracking, life cycles, community ecology
  • Appeals to Majors: Anthropology, Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Veterinary Science
  • Training Areas:  sample collection and preservation, off-trail navigation, telemetry, landuse mapping, census data collection

Most Training in Behavior

Primate Communication

program closed

  • 5 wk Minimum Stay
  • Spots left: None, program closed
  • No Maximum Stay
  • Jan 1 ’16 Application Period Opens
  • Interests: Behavioral, vocalization, anti-predator strategies
  • Appeals to Majors: Anthropology, Biology, Wildlife Management, Psychology
  • Training Areas: Off-trail navigation, wildlife tracking, telemetry, focal behavioral sampling, vocal repertoire, audio analyses

Shortest Stay Required

Sensory Experiments

program closed

  • 3 wk Minimum Stay
  • Program Closed
  • No Maximum Stay
  • Jan 1 ’16 Application Period Opens
  • Interests: cognition, behavioral experiments, sensory perception
  • Appeals to Majors: Animal Behavior, Anthropology, Captive Zoo Management, Psychology
  • Training Areas: foraging behavior, ecological experiment design and analysis, focal behavior sampling, video analyses

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