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Scholarship Award Recipients Announced!


We are proud to announce our January 2016 scholarship award recipients!


Meet the winners:


María Isabel Rios Abad

Isabel is 24 years old and from Trujillo, Peru. She is a biologist and received her degree from the National University of Trujillo. Isabel had always been interested in studying mammals, primates in particular; and in an effort to follow this line of study and get some field experience, she started collaborating with a NGO doing some research in the forests of San Martín. In the near future she would like to have the opportunity to conduct studies on primate behavior, habitat use and preference, and primate interactions with the environment. Living in a mega diverse country, she is also concerned with the conservation of biodiversity. Eventually she would like to study for a master’s degree abroad in biodiversity conservation and continue doing research, especially in her country and with endemic animals.

Isabel won the Marina Silva Scholarship to attend a field course in Peru in January, 2016.



Manjiri Maindarkar

Manjiri Maindarkar is a photographer and traveler based in Navi Mumbai, India. Her interest in wildlife and forests stems from her grandfather’s stories of living and working in the forests of central India during the mid 1900s. It also piqued her interest in conservation and she has been looking for opportunities to learn more about it. The Field Course with FPI will greatly aid her in taking nature photography a step further and showcasing different natural habitats. She hopes to blend her experiences from this course with her travel photography to educate people about habitats and understand the need for conservation. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media and a Postgraduate Diploma in Photography. She currently works with an established commercial photographer in Mumbai and photographs hotels.

Manjiri won the Snake Shyam Scholarship to attend a field course in India in January, 2016.



Carrie Goodson

Carrie is taking this course with Field Projects International to help her complete a Certificate in Sustainable Environment and Science through Washington University in St. Louis. She is very interested in learning field techniques to incorporate them as an aspect in her career. Carrie has a thorough background in laboratory work, but is very interested in environmental work – especially as it relates to climate change and the resultant pressures on organisms, sustainability and ecology. She is also considering a regulatory or advisory career path in government, and has a strong desire to find ways to educate the lay public on science issues. She holds a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Missouri St. Louis, and moonlights as a sculpture installation artist and sometimes dancer. At least a few times a year she drags friends out into the wilds of Missouri to backpack or kayak.

Carrie won the Rasmussen Scholarship to attend a field course in Peru in January, 2016.



Johana Alejandra Villota Mogollón

Johana is from Colombia, South América and is currently in the 3rd year of her Biology career at the University of Cauca. Her interests and aspirations include learning about conservation and primatology, and she feels that this course will allow her to share her new skills and observations with teachers and students in her University. She will use the conservation and field experience gained from her training with FPI during the development of her final project, which is related to primates and the preservation of endangered species.  Johana is also looking forward to interacting with other people from different countries and learning about their different cultures.

Johana won the Marina Silva Scholarship to attend a field course in Peru in January, 2016.


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