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Scholarship Recipients Announced

Meet the 2016-2017 winners
for our upcoming courses!



Bhavuk Vijay

Banezeer College, Bhopal, India.

Winner: Uma Ramakrishnan scholarship for the Primates & Predators field course


Bhavuk is a nature lover and ecology enthusiast who is currently pursuing a bachelors’ degree in zoology. Having grown up in the green city of Bhopal, surrounded by lakes and wildlife, animals have always amazed him. He is excited to attend our field course, and is looking forward to learning the field methods used to study the natural world.


Carla Ximena Neri Barrios

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Winner: Michael Watsa scholarship for the Primates & Predators field course


“I am an environmental scientist from UNAM, currently working with human-wildlife conflicts in Mexico. Working for conservation projects, I have had the chance to get some field experience with carnivores. This course will broaden my view and provide me with new tools to understand how other species are managed, with different technologies and strategies; knowledge I want to bring to my country to the benefit of our ecosystems and wildlife management.”


Allison Morales Palomino

Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina

Winner: Victor Zambrano scholarship for Vertebrate Field Biology


“I’m a 22 year old student, currently in my 4th year of Forestry Science of the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina in Perú; my interests are in Wildlife Management, Biology, Ecology and Animal Behaviour. There is great value in the forest, and my goal is to be able to manage it in order for it to become an important income to the country and to potentialize its conservation.”


Riyad Hilal

The University of Jordan

Winner: Marina Silva scholarship for Tropical Entomology


Riyad is a third year B.Sc student studying agriculture at the University of Jordan. Majoring in Plant Protection, he studies entomology and plant pathology. He’s been passionate about entomology ever since he was a kid. In his spare time you’d find Riyad hiking through water canyons around the Dead Sea searching for insects. Riyad hopes to work both locally and internationally on halting the loss of biodiversity, combating desertification, and preventing the extinction of threatened species.


Irina Formoso

Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB), Venezuela

Winner: Marina Silva scholarship for Vertebrate Field Biology


“Hi! My name is Irina Formoso and I recently graduated from Biology at USB. My main interests are Evolutionary Biology and Animal Reproductive Behaviour. I worked with capybaras in the Venezuelan wetlands and I loved it, but this course offers me the opportunity to be in a rainforest for the first time and learn how to work there. I also enjoy photography and science communication so I will try to make the most of this course.”


Kailey Anderson

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, USA

Winner: Tab Rasmussen scholarship for the Primates & Predators field course


“I am currently an Applied Biological Science major at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. My goal is to use my degree to break into the field of wildlife research. I was interested in this course because it offers many different field skills and it seems like a great opportunity to get hands on experience.”


Yanisse Basauri Torres

Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM), Peru

Winner: Victor Zambrano scholarship for Vertebrate Field Biology


“I have studied Forestry at the National Agrarian University La Molina, in Perú. I was born and raised in Lima. I have always had an interest in nature, trees, plants and animals. I am very passionate about my career, and living in a country as diverse as mine gives me the opportunity to explore a great variety of themes related to it. I am mainly interested in Ecology, Botany and Plant Genetic Improvement. I am willing to explore new places and learn different techniques during the field course; I think it is a great opportunity to improve my skills because a good scientist never stops learning. My hobbies include traveling, reading, biking and spending with my pets.”


Dylan Singer

Winner: Tab Rasmussen scholarship for Vertebrate Field Biology


“My name is Dylan and I’m a 20 year old Canadian currently based out of Puerto Maldonado doing herp research with Fauna Forever and Untamed Photography. I grew up in the bush in Canada and have always loved snakes and frogs, so it was a natural transition to the Amazon. I want to take this course to diversify my skill set and learn more in beautiful CICRA.”


Savannah Bustillo

Washington University in St. Louis

Winner: Tab Rasmussen scholarship for Tropical Entomology


“My interests are situated in the overlapping spaces of art making and anthropology, and re-imagining how art processes can help to better understand the way social practices are created. As an art and anthropology student, I study how visual spaces in the post-Internet age flood our daily lives. What interested me about the Tropical Entomology class was that insects too derive a lot of meaning off of the visual cues they exhibit. I wanted to study how insects act as a prime example of the way aesthetics structure our own relation to the species – whether in fear or fascination.”

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