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Summer 2017 Scholarship Winners Announced!

It was a tough season, with many really qualified applicants competing for a small number of scholarship spots. We strive each year to expand the number of students we can offer free courses to, and if you are keen to support this mission, here is how you can help us. To date, we have offered over 30 scholarships to students from Iran, Colombia, Peru, India, and the United States, to name a few countries.

We are proud to announce the granting of four scholarships for courses in the summer of 2017. These scholarships cover the entire course fee for each student, and are open to individuals both within and outside the host country of Peru.

In no particular order, the winners for this year are:

Eloisa Sardinha, winner of the Tab Rasmussen Scholarship for a field course on Tropical Ornithology

Eloisa Sardinha is a biologist from Venezuela who has always been interested in animal behavior and conservation. She wants to specialize in these areas, and the animals that she would love to study are mustelids (specially otters) and cats in general. But she also has a soft spot for birds, particularly the big ones like owls, eagles and falcons. For her bachelor’s thesis she studied the behavior of birds when threatened by a predator, and that made her fall in love with animal behavior and she discovered that she had an interest in birds too. She sees herself as a hardworking person and somebody dedicated to science research. She loves to observe her surroundings and consider new questions that have not been studied before. She has always wanted to visit the Amazon jungle because the animals that she would love to study live there. In her words: “this course is going to let me fulfill that dream, and will give me a wider view on ornithology and show me the beautiful diversity that exists in the tropics.”

We know it will!

Luz Ángela Carvajal Villalobos, winner of the Tab Rasmussen Scholarship for a field course on Primate Communication and Health

Luz is a psychologist and anthropologist from Ibagué, Colombia. She’s been interested in primate cognition and social processes for a few years, working mainly with captive groups. She is currently in the last semester of a Master’s program in psychology at the Universidad de los Andes. Her research is about quantity discrimination abilities in a group of captive capuchin monkeys. Her main goal is to work with free ranging apes, and to spend her life learning about them and from them. She loved the short times she’s spent in the Colombian and Peruvian jungle and she cherishes every occasion she has of being surrounded by trees and animals. She visited Los Amigos last summer and fell in love with it, and now she is eager to go back and see all the birds, insects and of course monkeys!!

Lucia Ximena Alva Caballero, winner of the Victor Zambrano Scholarship to attend a field course on Tropical Ornithology

Lucia is a biology student that lives in the city of Trujillo. She loves to travel to places that are full of nature because she can then appreciate the diversity of life. Of all the places that has been, the species that have fascinated her the most have been the birds.
Her goal in life is to be able to preserve such beautiful living beings and help to maintain their environment.

We’re happy to have her join us for this fascinating course on tropical ornithology.




Carolina Hortúa Romero, winner of the Tab Rasmussen Scholarship for a field course on Herpetology

Carolina is a photographer from Bogotá, Colombia. She has always been interested in nature, wildlife and the environment. She has experience in wildlife photography, particularly in high-mountain Andean ecosystems, but she wants to broaden her scope.
She wants to take this course because as a conservation photographer, she wants to know about the features and behavior of the animals that she is photographing, and how they interact with their environment.

We want to extend a warm welcome to all of our scholarship winners! Thank you for all of your interest.

Our next scholarship season will open in October and close mid-November for courses offered in Winter 2017-18. Please stay tuned for further announcements!



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