One World Science (OWS) is FPI’s sister site focused on science and conservation outreach.


Science and conservation do not happen in a vacuum, but instead rely upon a cross-fertilization of ideas and perspectives. To understand and address world problems, we desperately need to have global conversations, collaborations, and most of all: community. There is only one earth upon which we all depend, and it is facing serious threats — from climate change to the rapid loss of biodiversity– that require global cooperation to address. Our #OneWorldScience outreach initiative highlights the importance of international solidarity and cross-cultural understanding in facing these challenges. 

We believe that science education in particular should be accessible to all, and in working together across boundaries of nations and inclusive of all backgrounds and genders, we can advance both scientific literacy and cultural respect. Our aim with One World Science (OWS) is to publish thought-provoking articles related to how science and conservation intersect with society and politics. In addition, our outreach strategy includes producing a podcast as well as promoting FPI’s scholarship programs, which strive to achieve equitable opportunity for diverse participation in field science. 

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