Ana Bio Pics

Ana Priscila is a wildlife veterinarian and a passionate conservationist. She has participated in several primate and felid research-conservation initiatives in the Peruvian Amazon since 2014. Ana came to the FPI team in 2017 as a research assistant in the primate mark-recapture program, reinforcing her veterinary knowledge and learning safe protocols for in-situ wildlife processing. In the following years, she returned as a team leader of the primate and bat mark-recapture program. This year besides leading the primate trapping, she will be working on the capture of mesocarnivores with special interest in small cats (Leopardus pardalis & Leopardus wiedii) and wild canines (Atelocynus microtis & Speothos venaticus). Ana is interested in applying the one-health approach in her future research to prevent zoonotic diseases and therefore, she will be starting her master’s degree in Conservation Medicine with emphasis in Ecosystemic Health at the National University of Costa Rica in the fall of 2021.