Claudia Rohr
Field Team Leader

Claudia joined the FPI team as a research assistant in 2018 investigating community disease ecology and primate behavior. During this time, she conducted an independent study using the Foldscope, an origami-based paper microscope, to identify blood parasite infection in the emperor tamarins and saddleback tamarins of CICRA. She returned the following year as a field team leader, helping to coordinate the activities of team members as well as manage data collection. Claudia graduated from Lawrence University in 2019 with a BA in Biological Anthropology and Biology. Thanks to her parasite work with FPI, she was hired as a research technologist at the Medical College of Wisconsin and currently studies blood-dwelling parasites called schistosomes. Her goal is to identify new parasite drug targets as well as develop assays to screen for new anthelmintics.