Kassidy Kowchefski

Programs & Communications Coordinator

Kassidy Kowchefski graduated from NC State University with a BS in Zoology in 2020. She has been a member of the Field Projects International team since 2021 when she participated in the Wildlife Biology Research Training program as a member of the Primate Monitoring & Behavior specialty track. Since then, she has returned to the field station several times as dedicated staff focusing on primate movement, behavior, reproduction, and more.

When she isn’t in Peru taking careful notes under a primate-filled tree canopy, Kassidy is working diligently to help the team prepare for the next field season or creating informative and entertaining social media content. If you’re an applicant for our research program, Kassidy is one of the first people you meet during the application process and remains a constant resource for advice or helpful information once accepted to the program.

Described as “uniquely motivated for primate behavior”, Kassidy would happily “talk tamarin” with anyone all day.