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We are not currently offering any short-term field courses.

Below is a sampling of some recent PAST courses.


Why Study Natural History?

Naturalists combine field skills and experience with a wide knowledge-base and a passion for science and wildlife. Such generalists in an age of specialization are themselves becoming endangered species, but without these students of natural history, we risk losing a vital component of the academic ecosystem. Naturalists observe and describe organisms, characterize their relationships to the environment, and embroil themselves in taxonomy and systematics. Their work has had enormous implications for management and innovation in such diverse fields as health, agriculture, and conservation.

It is amid mounting cries (1, 2) for a renewed respect and zeal for the study of natural history that we at FPI have developed our field biology courses. Our goal is to introduce students from every background to disciplines ranging from herpetology and primatology to ornithology and entomology. Participants learn field methods and techniques alongside lessons focused on physiology, ecology, and conservation issues.

These courses are intended not just for undergraduates pursuing careers in the biological sciences, but also anyone (over 18) from any background whose interest in plants and wildlife motivates them to join one of our rigorous educational programs. Much more than simply offering ecotourism experiences in the most bio-diverse regions of the planet, FPI aims to graduate competent and informed students with the tools to make a difference in whichever field they pursue.

Section II: The Registration Process

In order to register for a course, you must submit a course application and a down payment to hold your spot in the course. First peruse these eligibility requirements, options for taking courses for credit, and the registration timeline. If you have any questions, please explore our FAQ section or contact us using the form below. When ready, apply!
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  1. You must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the course.
  2. You must have medical insurance, and provide proof of such insurance to us to complete your registration.
  3. There are no citizenship requirements, but most target countries require visas from citizens of some countries.
  4. You do not need any prior training in biology – our course is structured to accommodate people from a variety of backgrounds.

Course Credit

  1. Course credit is available for some of our courses. Please explore individual course pages and email us at for more information

How to Register

  1. Submit a course application along with the specified downpayment online (typically ~$400)
  2. Your spot will now be reserved in the course
  3. Receive a course packet and access to further information in a special section on this site
  4. Submit the final payment by the course deadline
  5. Submit travel, health and liability forms by the deadline

Why Take a Course?

100% Graduate Application Success Rate
92% of Learning Conducted Outside the Classroom
40% of all Revenue Directly Supports Habitat Conservation
20% of Class Size Made up by Instructors

of Students Receive Scholarships


of Students' Lives Changed