Photography Tours | Field Projects International

Our photo-tours include:

Groups from 1 to 4 people, including accompanying partners.

5, 7, or 9-day packages tailored to meet your interests.

Two major areas of geographical focus: South America and Southeast Asia.

Multiple areas of specialisation – macro, arboreal, field, and camera trapping techniques

Private Tour Location Schedule

January -April2018India
May2018No tours
June - August2018Peru
September - December2018TBA

Choose a photography specialization by location and make a reservation for the dates most convenient to you. We will be in touch right away to confirm your booking based on availability. Flexible dates are encouraged to accommodate as many tours as possible.  

  • Booking your Photography Tour: Common Questions


To make a reservation, click on the tour you like the most above, and then on the “sign up” button on that page. You will need to make a downpayment of a small amount per person in your group and you will need to know which dates you want for the tour. See below for common questions that come up during booking:

What if I do not mind joining another group’s tour?

Please email us at so we can let you know which dates are reserved for the tour in question by groups that do not mind an additional person joining them. It is advantageous to be open to this option since a group of 4 costs less per head to attend than doing the tour alone. However, if you would like your tour to be entirely private, we can ensure that it is as well.

What if I don’t know my exact dates?

No problem. When you fill out your application, leave us a note or email us anytime at to discuss your dates. It’s always better to be a little flexible with your dates. Never make travel plans before checking on tour date availability. 

What if I want to do a shorter tour, but I’d like to do an item listed on a longer tour or within a different tour entirely?

No problem. Just email us to customise your tour to suit your tastes. We can include certain topics and change an itinerary at the time of booking. Certain modules, like extra field trips or boat safaris, might come with additional costs if they are not currently mentioned in the tour itinerary you want to book. Similarly, adding the build-your-own-camera-trap module will also have additional materials costs.

Can I add or remove a person from the group at a later date?

If your tour has less than 4 people, you can add up to 4 people to your group at any time. If you leave this till under 30 days before the start of the tour, we cannot guarantee that lodging for the tour will be available, so making these additions early is advisable. Since the rate drops when you add a group member, we will refund you the difference in your fee after the new member has paid their fee. Similarly, if a member in the group cancels (and depending on when they do so, based on our cancellation policy), the price per head for the remaining members goes up. We will wait till the slight fee increase is paid before the specific member will receive a refund on their full fee. 

Director of Photography

Ishaan Raghunandan

Born in Bangalore, India, Ishaan was always fascinated by how things work. He explored this interest with a degree in engineering, followed by a more focused study of the science and art of photography at the Light and Life Academy. Today, he is a documentary and wildlife photographer who has worked extensively on conservation issues in the Peruvian Amazon and in India. He knows that in order to document wildlife, one has to be a good naturalist, and his work reflects his love for all natural life, from jumping spiders to Amazonian primates. He has managed a field research team in the Peruvian Amazon for Field Projects International, and balanced this with photography for Wildlife of India and Sahjeevan – a rural development organisation. His art has been published in Hornbill Magazine, multiple local and international newspapers, and online in National Geographic and Nature in Focus. In 2016 he wrote a book “Pastoral futures of Young Maldharis” in collaboration with Sahjeevan. Ishaan thus combines his love for photography and photographic techniques with his concern for the conservation of wildlife and the protection of the rights of indigenous populations worldwide. Visit his website HERE.

Portfolio Highlights

Primate Research


Macro Photography

Wildlife of South India