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Research Assistant

  • Research Assistant, 2014

    Donica Spence

    Donica joined the PrimatesPeru team for career and academic development. She is a graduate student in Biological Anthropology at New Mexico...
  • Research Assistant, 2014

    Chloë Wright

    Chloë is a final year undergraduate at Durham University, UK. She is studying a Combined Honours course, which has allowed her to study a...
  • Research Assistant, 2014

    Audra Bass

    Raised all her life in the southern United States, Audra is at home among the Carolina blue skies and deep, deciduous forests with plenty of...
  • Research Assistant, 2014

    Amanda Sommi

    Amanda is a sophomore at Tufts University near Boston, Massachusetts studying Biology and Environmental Science. She’s a member of the varsity...
  • Research Assistant, 2014

    Anna Villanyi

    Anna is finishing a degree in Anthropology with minors in Communication Design and Art at Washington University. After realizing that learning...
  • Local Liaison, Research Assistant

    René Escudero

    René is from Puerto Maldonado in southeast Perú, and has worked for conservation and biological research organizations for most of his career. ...