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Lead Instructor

  • Field Course Instructor

    Geoff Gallice

    Fascinated by the Amazon rainforest since as early as he can remember, FPI’s entomology instructor, Geoff Gallice, began his career as a...
  • Associate Research Scientist, Instructor

    Jen Stabile

    Jennifer Stabile began her career in herpetological research with the Central Florida Zoo (CFZ) in their Department of Herpetology. During...
  • Course Instructor, Associate Research Scientist

    Effie Robakis

    Effie is currently a graduate student in Anthropology at Washington University in St Louis. Her research focuses on vocal communication, sexual...
  • Visiting Research Scientist, Field Course Instructor

    Alice Poirier

    Alice spent 5 ½ months at La Estación Biológica Los Amigos (aka CICRA) as a field assistant for Field Projects International during the...