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Our Team

  • Field Course Instructor

    K.C. Hill

    KC was raised in Montana. Apart from receiving his BA in Biology and minor in Chemistry from Carroll College, he also earned a graduate certificate...
  • Field Course Instructor

    Geoff Gallice

    Fascinated by the Amazon rainforest since as early as he can remember, FPI’s entomology instructor, Geoff Gallice, began his career as a...
  • Associate Research Scientist, Instructor

    Jen Stabile

    Jennifer Stabile began her career in herpetological research with the Central Florida Zoo (CFZ) in their Department of Herpetology. During...
  • Research Assistant, 2016 - Community Disease Ecology

    Natalie Madden

    Natalie recently graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy with a concentration in Biodiversity...
  • Research Assistant, 2016 - Community Disease Ecology

    Dylan Boeken

    Dylan Boeken graduated with a double major in Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, and a minor in Portuguese. He has developed a...