Whistleblower Reporting

Important Information

In this form you will be asked to describe the improper conduct or actions you wish to report. Please provide as much of the following information as possible and as you feel comfortable doing so:

  • Who? – Who is involved? If there are outside (not owned or employed by FPI) businesses or contractors involved, what are the names of the businesses or individuals? Who else knows about the improper activities? Who can and would confirm that such activities occurred? How can we reach these witnesses?
  • What? – What specifically did the suspected individual(s) do? What is wrong with the conduct or actions? Are there laws or regulations that govern what the suspect(s) did? What kinds of documents would provide evidence of the improper activities? Where are the documents located?
  • Where? – Where did the improper activity occur? At a field station? At another research location?
  • When? – When did the improper activity occur? Is it ongoing? How frequently did/has it occurred?
  • Why? – What are the suspect(s) motives? For example, how do you believe the suspect(s) benefit? If others benefit from the conduct or actions you are reporting, who are they and how do they benefit?
  • How? – How did the inappropriate conduct or actions occur? Was there a lack of controls, circumvention of controls, or collusion with other individuals?

If you have questions regarding how your report will be handled and investigated, please refer to FPI’s Whistleblower Policy, available here.