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2020 Research Assistantship Training Programs (11 x 17)


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Dear student,

Field Projects International is a not-for-profit organization offering hands-on field-based training for undergraduates and recent graduates at various biodiverse research stations around the world. These opportunities are ideal for those who already are, or are considering becoming, majors in biology, anthropology, ecology, environmental science, zoology, or pre-veterinary science.

Students may be able to receive credit for participation in select courses and other field programs. Deadlines for applications for all of our programs are soon approaching, and spots are given away on a first come, first serve basis, so applying early is always an advantage.

Please scroll below for links to all of the opportunities available this upcoming summer. If you have questions, please contact us directly at this address:


Mrinalini Erkenswick Watsa, PhD
President, Field Projects International
Research Associate
Department of Anthropology, Washington University in Saint Louis

Information Bank:

** Visit our website:

**Upcoming Research Assistantships (Note: The deadline to complete the online application is April 1, 2020):



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