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“A Trick of the Tail”: Prehensile Tails and Primate Evolution

By Luke Fannin.   When we look at ourselves in the mirror each morning, we are constantly reminded of our ape ancestry. For, like our fellow ape cousins – the chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans – we lack something that most other primates possess:...

The Colours of a Primate Rainbow: Interview with Dr. Amanda Melin

By Luke Fannin. Primates are exceptionally visually oriented mammals. Adapted to a life in the trees, their evolution has favored forward-facing eyes for enhanced depth perception (handy for accurately grasping branches) and has reduced their reliance...

Living for the City: Interview with Dr. Iván Soto-Calderón

By Luke Fannin. My fellow research assistants from this past summer will undoubtedly agree with me when I say that tamarins are incredibly flexible when it comes to their daily habits in the Amazon rainforest. Not only do they eat a wide variety of food...