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An estimate in 2014 in the journal Nature revealed that the 20,500 institutions worldwide producing clinical and laboratory waste create roughly 5.5 million tonnes of plastic waste - the equivalent weight of 67 cruise liners. According to My Green Lab, labs use 10x more energy and 4x more water than office spaces and creating 12 billion pounds of waste each year. In addition, laboratory equipment continually improves, and labs are encouraged and sometimes compelled to upgrade as time passes. Often, this leaves behind functional yet older machines that end up on a rubbish heap.

At FPI, we make it our mission to prioritize sustainability and strongly reduce the amount of waste in our environment. We believe that one significant way to contribute to this cause, is to accept gently used laboratory supplies in our satellite field laboratories.

By collecting in-kind donations from urban labs, we can redirect supplies towards benefiting community labs. By accepting these supplies, we get to help actively reduce unnecessary waste while also promoting the reuse of materials, which would have otherwise been thrown away. We encourage everyone to join us in this commitment to sustainability, by taking a moment to consider alternative ways to dispose of their gently used laboratory supplies and donating them to us to support this worthy cause.

Scroll right to the gallery to see our model for a low-cost, decentralized, community field laboratory. For resources on how to green your lab see My Green Lab