Cebus apella

The Boom and Bust Rainforest

[attention title=”Amazon Wired”]Varun Swamy, field course instructor (see Amazonian ABCs), is also one of the co-founders of the Amazon Wired project. Here he documents the ever changing ebb and flow of a tropical rainforest. This article originally appeared on the Rainforest Expeditions blog on April 29, 2017. To get to know Varun better, log on …

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All Poop is Good Poop

Everybody poops, it’s true, but for researchers gathering valuable information from monkey droppings, not everyone’s poop is worth its weight in gold. Basic market forces come into play, even in the jungle where the rarer the primate, the more valuable its feces. Accordingly, missed opportunities in the field, such as one in particular with Callimico …

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