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The Colours of a Primate Rainbow: Interview with Dr. Amanda Melin

By Luke Fannin. Primates are exceptionally visually oriented mammals. Adapted to a life in the trees, their evolution has favored forward-facing eyes for enhanced depth perception (handy for accurately grasping branches) and has reduced their reliance...

Living for the City: Interview with Dr. Iván Soto-Calderón

By Luke Fannin. My fellow research assistants from this past summer will undoubtedly agree with me when I say that tamarins are incredibly flexible when it comes to their daily habits in the Amazon rainforest. Not only do they eat a wide variety of food...

Meet a Field Biologist: Interview with Dr. Mini Erkenswick Watsa

In the minds of many people, the life of a field biologist can be overly romanticized, assumed to be exceptionally perilous, or sometimes even thought of as superfluous or escapist.  Of course, none of these notions accurately capture the experiences...